Thursday, July 11, 2013

American Pie

I wanted to make something extra festive for the 4th of July.  My husband teases me and says that I hate America, mostly because I obsess over Europe, and I tend to think most Independance Day decorations are a little hokey.  Since our house is a lacking in festivity during this holiday, I decided that my holiday dessert would be screaming, "God, Bless America."  Land that I love...really, I do!  Just not Americana.  There's a difference.

So, I'd planned on making one of these babies from the Sugar Turntable

But the day before got extremely hectic and by the time I got home around 9:30, I was looking for something faster.  So, I opted for an American Pie, like this one from Woman's Day.  I already had two pie crusts and of course, sanding sugar, so I just had the hubs grab some filling.  I realize I could've made my own, but did I mention I was beat?  I'm all about semi-homemade minus the crazy that Sandra Lee offers.

So, all I did was line my pie plate, plop in the filling and place the decor on top.  I was concerned that the two fillings would bleed, but they totes didn't!  FYI, it says bake for 30 min at 425 degrees then turn the heat down and bake for another 30 min.  Don't do that.  Bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes and be done.  Unless you want a scorched pie!  Just make sure your filling is bubbly and your crust is golden brown.  Simple honest-to-goodness baking.

It turned out well and I was really glad I didn't go crazy.  My poor niece broke her leg Mutton Busting (riding a lamb.  That's how we celebrate our Independence out here in Utah!) so the festivities were called off.  Spencer and I are having a fine time eating it though!

The best part is, you have just enough left overs to make yourself a little baby pie!

Happy Birthday, America!

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