Monday, October 21, 2013

Bonus: Pumpkin Pepper Jack Chicken Enchiladas

Now, I realize this is a baking blog, but a girl's gotta eat, right?  And the best thing to eat before your sweets is Mexican favorite!  Here, my friends, is a spectacular enchilada that I cooked up last night.  It was amazefest 2013 and I would like to personally thank Little Mommy, Big Appetite for her genius!  Just the right amount of heat and cheesiness.  Magic.  Pure magic.

Disclaimer:  I didn't have enough pepper jack for the top, so I smothered it with the filling.  It was bueno.  Also, we don't do sides at our house.  We will when we have littles.  Furthermore, we eat in front of the TV while we watch our shows.  And forgive my food photography.  I know it's lacking.

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